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Low voltage

LEOPOLD JORDAN Ltd. Company designs and builds a full range of modern low voltage systems based on modern technology with certificates of quality and high reliability. The components which teams use are products of leading world producers – Legrand, Quante Pouyet, Siemens, Alcatel, R&M AG, Kopos Kolin, Tyco Electronics AMP è äð. The main suppliers and partners of the company are – Andi, Teletek, FreeNet, Telelink, Reycon, etc.


LEOPOLD JORDAN Ltd. performs design, delivery, installation, testing and putting into service the following equipment and systems:

Public Address Systems

CCTV and Security Systems

Development of systems for video surveillance and security of industrial sites and residential buildings.


Construction of complex control systems and management of building automation.

Fire detection and Fire extinguishing

Construction of fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems.

SCS and Active Network Equipment

Complete construction of structural wiring and communication links of buildings and industrial facilities.