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High voltage

LEOPOLD JORDAN Ltd. executes electrical installations of any kind, comply with the requirements of BDS and the Bulgarian legislation. The company offers its customers complete solutions for power - the design, delivery, installation, assembly, warranty and after-sales warranty services, carry out all types of activities from wall-plug to the construction of stand-by power supply(diesel generators and UPS systems), and external transformers, substations and cable channel networks. LEOPOLD JORDAN Ltd. designs and builds grounding systems and active/passive lightning systems.

Used components and materials are with high quality of the leading manufacturers - Schneider Electric, OBO Bettermann, General Electric, ABB, Merten, ESSER, Megalux, Zumtobel and others. Major suppliers are DTS, Moeller, Megalux, Schneider Electric, OBO Bettermann, Filkab, HPM, Gira, Apolo, Himel, TORN.The company fulfills its commitments as strictly comply with quality requirements and implementation deadlines agreed with the investors. Guarantee of that are sites built over the years, the confidence of investors and partners and the certification of quality ISO 9001.

Roof heaters

Design, delivery and implementation of non-freezing installations - roofing and gutter.


Design, delivery of components, assembly, tests and executive documentation.

Facade and park illumination

Overall performance of facade and park illumination with illumination bodies of best producers.

Electrical installations

Overall design and performance of electrical installations.

Diesel Generators

Delivery, assembling and put into operation of Diesel Generators.